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Algebra II - sample pages

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( last updated:  09.04.2015 )
Algebra II   TwoPLUS
Subject areas:                                                                

Grades (age):
Grades 7/8 (age 12-14 years)

Short description:

  • a collection of advanced Algebra exercises and problems
  • treats the subjects: factors - removing the brackets and finding a common factor, trinominals, binominals, quadratic formulae, simplifying algebraic fractions, algebraic divison; 
  • extensive exercises, well structured: starting at an easy level proceeding to more demanding, in two level groups focusing on the individual learing potential;
  • PLUS-Activities supporting and encouraging individual abilities and talents as well as the (multiple) intelligences of the students;
  • worksheets for  differentiated math lessons;
  • Edition B - Student's edition (workbook with answer key),
  • (also suitable for independent revision and deepening);
  • Edition C - Teacher's edition (includes the workbook (=Vol. 1) plus a book of educational guidelines for lesson preparation (=Vol. 2));

Prices: book*
"Algebra II"(TwoPLUS), Edition B , DINA 4 , 57 p. 10,99 EUR 5,99 EUR
"Algebra II"(TwoPLUS), Edition C , DINA 4 , 95 p. 14,99 EUR 9,99 EUR

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** Buying the ebook will give you a digital copy of "Algebra II" and the right to create one print copy. Your will receive your digital copy via email.

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